Budapest always offers more than it is immediately apparent; the imposing facade of an Andrássy Avenue palace might display luxury accessories, or hide a ruin pub…

While Budapest embraces innovation and new talent, traditions and legacy are still cherished and nurtured. The café culture of Budapest stretches from the fin du siècle gilded splendour of the New York Palace and Centrál Café, which are the regular meeting places of writers and journalists, to the new wave barista heavens that offer a selection of single plantation beans to go with the free Wi-Fi.  Mesterségek Ünnepe, an arts and crafts festival, introduces modern audiences to the tactile pleasure of handicrafts and folk art. The Palace of Arts (Művészetek Palotája) is a bold architectural statement on the bank of the Danube, serving as the home base of the Budapest Festival Orchestra, counted among the world's best classical orchestras. It is also the home of the Ludwig Museum, curating one 
of the most significant contemporary art collections in Central-
Europe. Beside traditional bastions of culture like the National Museum, the National Museum of Fine Arts and the Art Hall (Műcsarnok), the National Dance Theatre and Hungarian Heritage House, countless independent galleries, exhibition spaces, workshops and incubator houses keep the artistic pulse of the city racing. Talking about racing, the best non-usual vehicles for looking around in Budapest are a segway, a Fiat turned into a rickshaw, a beerbike, or the Millennium Underground Railway (Metro line M1). Reaching Hero's Square, the cultural ignition point of the city, Deák Square, the meeting point of everyone in town 
or the historical thermal baths has never been so easy before! Discover our culture in style!