Hungary's capital is a truly cosmopolitan European city, deve-loping at such a pace that it can continuously offer something new to even those who are living here, embracing the future without forgetting the past.

Budapest is a city of living history where every inch tells 
a fascinating story, whilst the ingenuity of the latest generation of Hungarians writes a whole new chapter. Ruin pubs are reinterpreting centuries old café-culture, where young minds and ideas meet from every corner of the world. A new wave 
of inspired chefs is rejuvenating the prestigious Hungarian cuisine garnering the highest praise from home and abroad. Elegant wine bars bring the best of Hungarian vineyards into the heart of the city. A night might start in one of these bars and end with a raucous party in a centennial thermal water spa. Budapest is perfect as both a destination and a starting point, whether you are seeking entertainment, culture, relaxation or just wish to explore the natural and historical trea-sure the region has to offer. The capital of Hungary warmly welcomes you and your loved ones every day of the year!