Entering and leaving the country


For information on Visa, Entry and stay rules please visit the web pages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Customs Regulations

The regulations of the European Union ensure the free movement of goods between Member States. The export and import of goods purchased for non-commercial purposes (for personal use or as gifts) while travelling is not restricted. However, the transport of certain goods (such as pets, hunting weapons, alcohol and tobacco products, medicines containing drugs, etc.) within the European Union is subject to restrictions and/or to special permissions.

Alcohol products and alcoholic beverages (applicable to passengers over the age of 17 only) – maximum amount for personal use or as gifts

  • 4 litres of grape wine
  • 16 litres of beer
  • 1 litre of alcohol products of more than 22 per cent of alcohol by volume
  • 2 litres of alcohol products, intermediate alcohol products, sparkling wine or other wine, with less than 22 per cent of alcohol by volume

Tobacco products (applicable to passengers over the age of 17 only) – maximum amount for personal use or as gifts

  • For air passengers:

o   200 cigarettes, or

o   100 cigarillos (not exceeding

o   3 grams per piece in weight), or

o   50 cigars, or

o   250 grams of tobacco for consumption

  • Passengers other than air passengers

o   40 cigarettes, or

o   20 cigarillos (not exceeding

o   3 grams per piece in weight), or

o   10 cigars, or 

o   50 grams of tobacco for consumption

More information on customs regulations

Generally speaking, you should not bring along raw meat, processed meat, any food containing meat, milk or dairy products (perishable food products) on entry in or return to Hungary from a third country (non-EU Member State), as their import is subject to the relevant strict rules and veterinary inspections. 

While travelling within the European Union, people in need of continuous pharmacological treatment may carry medications in a quantity prescribed by their physicians for the length of their journey. It is advisable to obtain a medical certificate ("Certificate for possession of 
pharmaceutical products for travellers under treatment" 
While travelling within the European Union, you should use a pet passport to take along your pets (dogs, cats, ferrets). A pet passport is issued by the local veterinarian provided that the animal has received its compulsory vaccination and is identifiable by a microchip implant. 
Any passenger entering or leaving the European Union that holds EUR 10,000 or more in cash (even if in different currencies), or any cash equivalent instruments (such as securities,bonds, shares, traveller's cheques, etc.) of the same total value, shall file a written declaration about this fact to the customs authority. 
Hunting and sports weapons
Hunting and sports weapons may be transported within the European Union both by EU citizens and by persons resident in the area of the EU by holding a European Firearms Pass, which may not be transferred and must always be carried by the person transporting the weapons or ammunition.



If the passenger leaves Hungary but not for a third country (for example leaves for Vienna to return to their residence outside the European Union by air), they should request confirmation of the export of the relevant goods from the territory of the EU when actually leaving the European Union.