Spicy Dishes, Excellent Wines

Although Hungarian cuisine is usually known for goulash and the excessive use of paprika, there are plenty of good quality meats, freshwater fish, fresh produce and excellent wines to be had here.

Hungarian cuisine is under a food revolution. The biggest proof of this trend that two restaurants in Budapest were Michelin-starred in the recent years. The country has 22 wine regions and wine-making has been part of Hungarian culture since ancient times; generations of renowned wine-making families and young, ambitious talents do their best in order to keep this tradition alive.

Good food and good wines are very important in the life of Hungarians, which is well-proven by the fact that lots of related events are organised all around the country. There are fisherman's soup cooking and sausage filling contests, onion and paprika festivals, apple days, melon and cherry festivals, as well as vintage celebrations and wine and champagne festivals all around the year.

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