Welcome to the Balaton region of unrivalled beauty. This region is one of Hungary's most popular destinations. Why do we all like Lake Balaton?

Summer vacations, an endless string of festivals are part and parcel of Lake Balaton just as much as miraculously peaceful nature, physical and spiritual revival at one of the regional healing places or riding a bike among the buttes in the Balaton Uplands.

Where should you go? Visit Tihany, where a church and monastery already in existence nine centuries ago. Having seen the undercroft of the Benedictine Abbey in Tihany and the majestic baroque church, it is also worth visiting the modern visitor centre constructed under the name Porta Pacis, i.e. the Gate of Peace.

The fascinating, sometimes even legendary medieval fortress ruins – like the fortresses of Szigliget and Nagyvázsony - are worthy guardians of the Middle Ages.

Keszthely and the baroque Festetics Palace are inseparable. In the beautiful baroque palace, besides an aristocratic library of nearly one hundred thousand volumes, you will see several permanent exhibitions, the Carriage Museum, the Hunting Museum, the Palm House in the castle garden, all offering great experiences.

The bath culture of Balaton started flourishing in Balatonfüred in the 17th century. The town has been completely renovated in recent years, the district reminiscent of the Reform Era has become filled with new life.

Siófok is the most significant town on the southern shore of Balaton, its 17 km long shore is divided between many beaches and hotels. Imre Kálmán, the renowned operetta composer was born here. The 45 m Water Tower, erected in 1912, stands in the middle of the town. Its exclusive places of amusement offer a wide selection of entertainment opportunities for each generation.

(Where else would you meet your friends who you have not seen for a long time if not at Lake Balaton? An excellent opportunity for this can be a joint family vacation or even high-quality, internationally recognized events like the Motor Cycle Festival at Alsóörs in June, or Balaton Sound (which was judged the best medium-sized festival of
 Europe in 2012, or a pleasant authentic festivals like the Valley of Arts.)