South Transdanubia

Going south! You'll find the vibrant city of Pécs that boasted the title European Capital of Culture in 2010.

As you feast your eyes on the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, get enchanted by beautiful and exciting buildings of old and new, and get goosebumps in the Early Christian Necropolis, you'll see how Pécs served as the meeting place for many different cultures through the ages.

Further south you get to the Villány area, where the beautiful vistas will go down perfectly with the fiery red wines of local winemakers. A glass or two will surely get you in the mood for a truly unique sight (also a World Heritage Site), the Busójárás in Mohács. Both a farewell to winter and a daylong carnival, the parade of the masked and scary Busós is a must-attend folk party. For more sophisticated entertainment, Kaposvár is an ideal option. The annual Chamber Music Festival is where the crème of international classical music flocks to in August, so why would you miss it?